It is important to understand that no matter the sphere of life in which you wish to work with your leadership (personal, family, professional, etc.); you must start from the source... YOU!

INTUITIVE leadership makes it attractive to explore your inner self, making it easier for you to reach your full potential, your truth!

3 axes are essential to team up with your INTUITIVE leader:

My packages
Each session lasts 90 minutes
The head

Let's target your good mindset
4 sessions where we work with different tools to help you reach your optimal attitude + 2 follow-up sessions

The heart

Let's talk about emotional management
4 sessions where we focus on your emotional intelligence in order to enjoy a better management of your emotions + 2 follow-up sessions

The body

Your intuitive leader posture
4 sessions where we focus on your body discipline in order to generate maximum energy + 2 follow-up sessions

Consultation offers: If you wish to focus on the benefits of customizing the various packages, I recommend that you go ahead with individual consultations. It is possible to take one package at a time or to maximize your results; I invite you to take all three. This implies an interesting economy for you.

Group offers: If you believe in the richness of the group and that's what you think you need, I invite you to inquire about the date of the next cohort. Through the closed group (15 participants maximum), I aim to maximize the benefits of teamwork. Together, we will allow each one of us to blossom, to move towards our truth.

Corporate offers: As mentioned earlier, no matter in which sphere of life you wish to exercise your leadership more, you need to go back to the source ... YOU! If you know, you feel that your work team would benefit from taking its INTUITIVE "collective" leadership to another level, make sure you get in touch with me. It will be my pleasure to sit down with your group to establish a plan of action.

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You have an event to organize and you want to make sure it runs smoothly. You also want to spice it up to ensure a pleasant atmosphere. It would be my pleasure to contribute to its success as a facilitator and/or speaker. Contact me to determine your needs.

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