Going alone is faster, but in a group, we go further!

African proverb
As you may have read on my home page, collaboration is one of my great values! I sincerely believe that every being has a right to his or her place on this planet! That's why I'm much more interested in collaboration than competition! I am very proud to list below my various collaborations with other entrepreneurs!


I have the privilege to live a beautiful friendship with the founder of Universyn, Paul Dumetz, as well as with the members of his board of directors, Adama Dao and Marc Lecompte. I am very grateful for the various opportunities of collaboration that I have experienced with these gentlemen, including my contribution to the exercise of culture change with the Ministry of Public Service of Burkina Faso in Africa. I know that this is only the beginning and I am very eager to see where this wind of great complicity will lead us! If you are looking for expertise in relationships, I strongly recommend that you visit their website.
Visit Universyn's website
Our Sacred Keys (Nos Clés Sacrées): What a pleasure it was to build this superb program with my business partner, Patricia Arial of Libérationn'Aile! Thanks to our friendship and expertise, we were able to put this 21-hour program on the map! The goal is for participants to target a key for each of their 7 main chakras. At the end of the day, they will be much better equipped to team up with their INTUITIVE leader! We offer two cohorts per year of "Our Sacred Keys". For more information, simply visit our respective FB pages under the "events" tab.
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Fragrance MIRE: This fragrance is a beautiful blend of different essential oils that are intended to awaken emotions that are very conducive to teamwork with our INTUITIVE leader. Here is what each letter stands for:

M motivation
I intuition
R relaxation
E efficiency

Thank you France Jolicoeur for agreeing to put this beautiful product forward with me! Clearly, it allows us to explore ourselves through our senses! For more information on the different services and products France offers, I invite you to visit her website.

Visit France Jolicoeur's website

Infusion bottles: These infusion bottles allow you to enjoy your cold and hot drinks in a much more colourful and energizing way. It is because of the energy of her work and the beautiful range of colors that she uses that I decided to collaborate with Sophie Perreault who is the artist behind the beautiful sunflowers painted on the bottles! What a great way to marry our brandings since the sunflower is an emblem for my company! For a beautiful overview of Sophie's creations, I invite you to visit her shop.

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If you are interested in purchasing any of my products, just give me a call or send me a message!

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